Cable Sleeving Kit - *UV Sensitive* Blue (OFERTA!)
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The inside of a computer case is usually a mess of cables and wires. Power cables get tangled up and loose wires can be damaged from fans or other jagged edges inside the case. This Cable Sleeving Kit is the ideal way to eliminate these problems. The braided sleeve is expandable up to 150%, making it easy to slip over any plugs or connectors. Made of flexible material, this Cable Sleeving Kit will not break or crack. Sleeving your cables not only makes the inside of your computer look cleaner, it will also improve airflow, reducing the heat inside the case. The Cable Sleeving Kit is also ideal for bundling cables and wires outside your case as well.

  • Protect your cables and wires

  • Reduce mess and clutter inside your case

  • Improve airflow and, as a result, reduce heat

Package Includes:
  • 10 ft. - 1/8" sleeving

  • 10 ft. - 1/4" sleeving

  • 5 ft. - 3/8" sleeving

  • 5 ft. - 1/2" sleeving

  • 10 - tie wraps

  • 1 ft. - 9mm Heatshrink Tubing

  • 1 ft. - 20mm Heatshrink Tubing

  • 6 in. - 25mm Heatshrink Tubing
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