Cooler Master VHC-L61-U1 Cool Viva VGA Card Cooler
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As video cards become more powerful, the heat they generate becomes a greater concern. Cooler Master has developed a cooling solution for the high temperature GPU on your favorite VGA card CoolViva. Whether gaming or working, the CoolViva with Heat Pipe Technology will keep the temperatures low and the performance high. And while the high efficiency fan allows quiet operation, one may opt to go fanless for true silence.

-Extra large heatsink provides more heat dissipation area.
-Embedded heat pipe renders outstanding cooling performance.
-Fanless design option gives you the choice of a truly silent thermal solution.
-Can be used on virtually any video card, including nVIDIA and ATI.


Heat Sink Dimension 120x82.6x13 mm
Heat Sink Material Aluminum
Fan Dimension 60x60x10 mm
Fan Speed 2500rpm
Fan Airflow 10.8 CFM
Fan Air Pressure 1.1mmH2O
Fan Life Expectance 50,000 hrs continuous
Bearing Type Ball bearing
Voltage Rating 10.8-13.2V
Noise Level 23.8 dBA
Connector 3 Pin
Weight 23 g
Application VGA Card Processor

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