Aerocool HT-101 Super Conductor Heatpipe Copper Cooler
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- High thermal conductivity
- Full copper cooler w/3 superconductor tubes for max performance
- HT-101 offers "Dual Fan" solution - user can mount 1 or 2 fans on the cooler (70mm or 80mm fans)
- Blue UV sensitive plastic injection cap
- Quad blue UV LED fan w/ "flower shape" fan blade design for super silence:
Air flow=29.6cfm
Noise level=22dba

Heat Sink Specification:

- Dimension: Tube x 3 (6mm diameter)
- 31 Fins: 76mmx50mm
- Material: Superconductor Tube + Copper Fins

Application :

- AMD: Athlon XP 3600+ and higher
- Intel: P4 socket 478 3.6Ghz and higher

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